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Price Police warn Castle Heights parents, students

Due to unexpected issues with the reconstruction of Sagewood Road between Cedar Hills Drive and Homestead Boulevard, Sagewood Road will be closed for several weeks. Sagewood is a primary road to and from Castle Heights Elementary. Closing Sagewood makes Homestead Boulevard, just south of 800 North, the only street accessible to Castle Heights Elementary. With the closure of Sagewood Road, parents who drive their children to school should expect delays and congestion.

The Price City Police Department and the Carbon County School District make the following recommendations to commuters: (Students who can utilize the bus system should do so.)

• Parents of older students (4th, 5th, and 6th Grades) are encouraged not to turn onto Homestead Boulevard to drop children off in front of the school.  Instead, unload your passengers on the south side of 800 North and allow the older students to walk to school.  For drivers who elect to drop their children off on 800 North, delays will be minimal.  A crossing guard will be available to assist in crossing the street. 

• Parents of students, whom wish to drop their student off in front of the school, can do so on either side of Homestead Boulevard, with a crossing guard available to help those children crossing Homestead.  Parents who want to be directly in front of the school, on the east side of Homestead, should expect heavy traffic conditions. 

• Every driver that turns on Homestead will need to drive south on this road to Sagewood Road, make a U-turn and drive back to 800 North to be able to exit the area.  This will cause a lot of vehicle traffic in front of the school as the south bound cars and the north bound cars will be passing one another. 

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