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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

We had to take a detour past Castle Heights last weekend to see if the school had posted their class room assignments yet. I knew they hadn't, but my granddaughter was sure she was the only child left in Carbon County who didn't know who her teacher was. There were no lists up yet and she remains clueless on this matter.

Now I am not too worried about the teacher she will get for the upcoming year, but what I wish I had already was a list of the school supplies she will need, especially since she is in elementary school, I would think it shouldn't be too hard for each grade to get together at the end of each year and compile a basic list of the supplies they will want the kids to have the following year and send it home.

I know I could also buy a whole bunch of generic supplies and hope that is what is required. But after going through this once before, I have learned that no matter what I buy, there will always be many other things that will have to be purchased later.

If I buy notebooks, I will have always bought the "wrong" kind. Then I am stuck with a pile of wide ruled books when I was supposed to buy college rule. Blue pens or black? Colored pencils, washable markers, Sharpies or all of the above? Glue sticks or white glue? Pencil boxes, rulers, scissors, erasers or pencil sharpeners?

Everything is on sale now and I have no list. For those who struggle to make ends meet, having a school supply list at the beginning of the summer so they can buy what is needed as they have money and the stuff goes on sale would help a lot.

A few years ago we did get our list at the end of the year. It was really nice. But since each teacher has their own wants and style you just never know what will be needed, so for now I am just holding off.

Because of turn over and career moves, it may not be necessarily practical to make grade assignments in the spring for the following year. I am also sure that there are those that lose their lists that are sent home in the spring and still send their kids with no supplies until they are sent home another list in the fall.

In the scheme of life this isn't a huge issue. I am not sure if there is a good way to resolve this. I may even be the only one who cares about this.

It is just one of those small things that bug me. Having school supplies on sale in July while most of us do not know what we need to buy is one of life's little enigmas.

So I will wait for my list just like my granddaughter will hold off on finding out who her teacher is.

Meanwhile we are set with about a hundred pencils; you can never go wrong there.

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