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Spotlight shines on local athletes

Guest Writer

Of local interest was the induction of Frank Winters into the Green Bay Packers hall of fame last week. Winters played his first collegiate football game as a member of one of the last teams fielded by the College of Eastern Utah.

Frank went on to lead a spectacular career with the Packers as a center.

Winters had asked his legendary friend Brett Farve, to be the presenter at the induction ceremony at the famed Lambeau, home field of the Packers.

There was some speculation on whether or not Farve would actually make an appearance at the event in lieu of his recent problems with the Green Bay management and his decision to come out of retirement to play another season.

Fortunately for his long time friendship with Winters, Farve did indeed show up and spoke favorably for his former center who had handed him the football so many times in the Packer T-Formation offense during their careers.

Former CEU All-American junior basketball player Tyler Kepkay, was a member of the Canadian national team that failed to qualify for the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. The Canadian team lost to Slovenia and Croatia in the qualifying tournament in Greece this month.

Kepkay, who now attends the University of Utah, is a native of Vancouver. After leaving CEU, Kepkay immediately moved into the starting lineup for Ute's, but a late season lapse secured himself a position on the bench.

Kepkay is poised for a good season this year, after the experience gained from playing on Canada's national team.

Former Carbon High all-around athlete, Jan Jorgenson has been tabbed on the pre-season mountain states all-conference as a defensive end. Jorgensen had an outstanding season last year on the Cougar defensive team, winning all-conference honors. He ultimately led the conference in quarterback sacks for the year.

Tickets for college football games go on sale in August and season passes to BYU and the University of Utah are usually not that expensive if you love fall football.

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