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Winters End store promotes natural healing

Along with products, the natural health store also offers private healing sessions available by appointment. Winter's End is located on 100 North in Price.
Julie Anderson the proprietor of Winter's End shows off some of her business's merchandise.
Julie Anderson is helping to make Price a healthier place.

Julie Anderson is helping to make Price a healthier place at her Winter's End store, providing everything from natural remedies to personal sessions tailored to specific situations and illnesses. The store started eight years ago in Oregon and was moved to Price three years ago. Anderson, the owner, of the store has been doing natural healing for over 30 years and is a graduate of the Rapid Eye Institute, a private vocational career school licensed by the Oregon Department of Education.

"Being filled with light is your divine birthright, said Anderson. "When we remember all that we are within the context of that light and love, we step out of the traumas and dramas of our lives and re-own our personal truth, our real self and our connection with the divine."

Anderson also does special private sessions for individuals with abuse and addiction problems to help them through the recovery process.

"Only through the release of the lie that is hidden within abuse, can we begin to reclaim our highest true nature and be masters of ourselves again, said the shop's owner."

According to Anderson, Rapid Eye Technology, one of the methods of healing that she has studied and applies, is a two-part process. The cleansing of old programming is half of the process, the other half of the process is learning and implementing new life skills. It is a process of re-framing and restructuring old, once successful, yet no longer serviceable habits and beliefs into more current, positive and successful ones. Skills for Life are the knowledgeable application of natural laws, or principles, which govern human development. These principles include: Thought, Perception, Cause and Effect, Choice and Accountability, Abundance and Gratitude, Health and Healing, and Harmony and Rhythm.

According to Ranae Johnson, founder of Rapid Eye Technology and owner of the Rapid Eye Institute, every experience we've had is stored in cells in the body

According to Johnson:

•Rapid Eye Technology has been successful in the healing of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia as reported by many clients.

•Rapid Eye Technology is duplicating the REM process while awake.

•Issues that cause stress can be released, the body retrained and the mind educated to think and react differently through Rapid Eye Technology and the Skills for Life.

•What we focus on becomes real.

The technique known as Reiki, is another natural method of healing used by Anderson.

"Reiki means universal live energy and is the basis for all healing. It is the energy that sustains life and promotes well-being."

The practice of Reiki is an unobtrusive healing technique that utilizes gentle touch of the hands on or above the physical body, stated Anderson.

"Reiki is not a dogma, religious practice or academic study," explained Anderson. "When practiced by itself it is a powerful healing mechanism, assisting the recipient with an effective natural means of physical restoration, caring treatment and inner harmonization.

According to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Reiki is currently being recognized as an adjutant to opioid pain management, resulting in highly significant reductions of pain amongst patients. It is also effective in the reepithelization rate for full thickness human dermal wounds and has successfully lengthened stabilization periods in cancer patients.

Reiki is currently being utilized in hospitals throughout the United States.

Winters End offers a full line of Homeopathic solutions, nutrients, vitamins, herbs as well as books on natural healing. The store also has dairy and non dairy products and will soon carry a select variety of produce and meat.

"The next time you are sick, consider a natural healing remedy before reaching for the synthetic, chemical-based medication in your cabinet," said Anderson. "It's important to first find the help of a holistic healer that will work with you to find the right natural remedies. Detoxification may be the first step in natural healing. There are many different herbs that if used correctly can heal sickness."

According to Anderson, anyone that is interested in natural healing solutions should consult their health care professional and use the natural products in conjunction with their doctors recommended treatment.

"I have had a lot of doctors actually send their patients to me now that natural healing has had successful results for certain conditions," said Anderson. "I always recommend my customers to communicate with their physicians when using natural remedies to treat what ails them."

The Winters End store is located on 214 East 100 North, Price Utah. Call (435) 637-9555 for more information about products or to set up an appointment for a private session.

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