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Answer this

By Paul Young
St. George


Will our five United States Congressmen answer the Utah voters questions that I and a majority of Utah voters would like to hear the answer too?

As U.S. Congressman you have directly or indirectly control over oil production on federal lands. Tax payers own these lands and the energy that lies beneath them. However, 97 percent of the Federal Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and 94 percent of on shore government lands are locked away by the actions of environmental groups.

Are you willing to help increase within the U.S. the output of oil and gas to make us independent of foreign oil? Or are you afraid that you might lose the environmental vote?

How many, and how often have you, voted against supplying American consumers with 10.4 billion barrels of oil from the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve? And how about the 85 billion barrels of oil from the OCS and the trillions locked up in oil shale in the west?

The sum of oil reserves in this country is 2095 trillion barrels, while the total proven oil reserves for the world is 1.3 trillion barrels.

Why are we handcuffed and shackled to OPEC?

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