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Letter to the Editor: Brotherhood

By Richard LaThair


On a past July 4, I proudly placed an American flag in my front yard. Someone passed by that afternoon and stole it.

Is this how some people regard America? You take what you want, regardless how it may hurt your fellows?

This year again, I displayed our flag. It was there to represent one of the highest elements of our great nation, brotherhood.

We reach out to help our neighbors. We protect each other from harm, rather than being the source of it.

We diligently preserve the rights and well-being of all others. Discrimination we never tolerate.

We respect each other. Especially when there are differences amongst us. We enrich one-another through these differences.

Kindness uplifts others. Even a smile, and a casual "Hello" to a stranger. They'll likely pass it on, and it will flow through-out all our eminent society.

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