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The Wasatch Behind: New second amendment

Sun Advocate Columnist

Last week, for the first time ever, the Supreme Court ruled on the meaning of the Second Amendment. In a split decision, the justices ruled that it's okay for individuals to own guns. It was a long and painful process for the high court to finally come to that decision, and some of our liberal friends are sorely disappointed. But shucks, I could have saved the court a whole lot of trouble if only they had asked. I knew the answer all along. We wouldn't be free Americans without the right to keep and bear arms.

The right to self-defense is the most basic of human rights, and the best way to do it is with firearms. But the key word in self-defense is 'self.' The term 'self' means an individual is free to act independently. You are not at the mercy of government for protection or permission when life and liberty are at risk. Self-defense goes hand in hand with our constitutional right to self-determination. Together they are the very foundation of freedom and our way of life.

And the idea that Americans can own firearms, but only for hunting and recreation, is folly, too. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with target shooting and everything to do with freedom. Firearms are weapons, first and foremost. Our founding fathers guaranteed us the means to take our government back if need be. They knew that somewhere down the long road of history, the wrong people might take control of our government and we might need to force them out the same way we got rid of King George in 1776. Power to the people, is what the Second Amendment is really all about. Some people are uneasy talking about it, but it's the truth. Americans have the right to defend themselves against evil government as well as evil men. That's why there should be no restrictions on law-abiding citizens owning assault weapons.

It is no wonder that the first thing an evil dictator does is disarm the population. When a man is disarmed he becomes a subject (the word is subjugated - look it up) and then a slave. It has happened countless times in world history. Hitler instituted "common sense" gun control laws in Germany in 1938. Be suspicious of any man who wants to deny you the means to defend yourself.

And then, a person who is truly free should never be at the mercy of criminals. The courts have ruled that crime victims don't have the right to sue law enforcement for a slow response because law enforcement has a responsibility for the collective good and not the individual good. This means the cops are there to take care of the city and not you as an individual. If you see the bad guy coming and call the cops, but before the cops get there the bad guy breaks in, steals your stuff, beats you up, rapes your daughter and burns your house, that's tuffshitskee, as they say in the neighborhood. That's why little old ladies need handguns. An old western adage says "God didn't make all men equal. Samuel Colt did that."

That's what is wrong with cities like New York banning handguns. The city has no direct responsibility to protect individuals, but at the same time they deny citizens the right to protect themselves. And you can bet the people who make those rules live in high-class gated communities with armed guards and security cameras twenty-four seven. The hypocrisy is stunning.

And now there's an outcry that the Supreme Court has introduced the old west all over again. After this ruling, everyone will be packing iron and shooting it out in the streets. Actually, I think people are prone to be more polite to one another when they know the other guy might be packing heat. Criminals are less likely to invade your home and private space, too. History proves it.

And what about accidents? Yes, Virginia, people have accidents with guns, cars, hammers and lawnmowers. The best defense is education. Maybe we should start teaching gun safety in school. It couldn't be more offensive than Al Gore's global warming propaganda film. And who knows, gun safety classes in school might save lives. Let's give it a try. After all, we teach sex education and driver's education and kids don't have a constitutional right to have sex or drive a car.

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