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Carbon County news briefs

Utah, North Dakota senators introduce federal clean coal technology legislation

On June 26, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Kent Conrad introduced federal legislation to expand the use of clean coal technology in Utah, North Dakota and across the nation.

Unveiling the Carbon Reduction Technology Bridge Act of 2008, the Utah and North Dakota senators indicated that the legislation will help put the country on a path to energy independence.

If passed by the United States Congress, the act would create tax incentives to encourage private research into clean coal technology.

Data compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy indicate coal-fired power plant generate roughly one-half of all electricity produced in the nation.

Bennett, Republican lawmakers endorse adoption of gas price reduction proposal

A proposed piece of federal legislation that will expand deep sea exploration, repeal the Democratic moratorium on oil shale, increase research for plug-in vehicles and strengthen the United States futures markets was introduced by Sen. Bob Bennett and Republican lawmakers on June 26.

Bennett focused on the oil shale provision in the Gas Price Reduction Act 2008. The senator urged the U.S. Congress to allow the development of what is potentially 800 billion to two trillion barrels of oil in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

"With oil shale we know the oil is there," pointed out Bennett at a press conference on June 26. "We know the potential is there and no one is going to examine it until the rules are drawn up."

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