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Letter to the editor: Thieves among us

Spring Glen


This is written to the weasels who went into my garage on June 16, 2008 and stole my Honda generator.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I and my family have. It has provide us with the power we needed when camping for lights or to view a movie on our television. I guess it makes you feel like a big man to steal from those of us who have held jobs and worked hard to buy these types of things to make ourselves a more comfortable life.

I pray for you, that as you look in the mirror, which you probably also stole, that the image that you see there resembles the true person you really are. That you see a thief, the liar, a leach on society. You cannot hope to be anything else in life than what you were on the day you took the generator from my garage. You are a plague on society and I hope they catch you.

You are not alone. You are the same kind of person that went into the Price Cemetery and removed a handmade floral decoration from the site of a loved one and tried to sell to the one who made it at a yard sale.

That's one who got caught.

In the past I know both of these examples would be rare. As Bill Cosby would say "come on people, we can do better than that."

Protect yourselves because there are thieves among us.

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