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Carbon County news briefs

Carbon County fisherman find 'species specific' tape worms at Scofield Reservoir

Anglers at Scofield Reservoir may find what appears to be lengths of white ribbon in the fish they clean, according to the Division of Wildlife Resources. At times, a trout's eye may appear to host a strip of wiggling white thread, these symptoms are indicative of the Asian tapeworm.

According to the DWR, the tapeworm is carried by fish-eating birds, who are their primary host. Although unpleasant to see, tapeworms present no human health risk, according to the DWR.

They report that species of tapeworms are very host specific. Humans, occurring outside the cycle, are not vulnerable to attack by the parasite, as verified by the Centers for Disease Control and state health department for the DWR.

Sen. Bennett comments, 'Foreclosure Prevention act is a 'product of compromise'

On June 25, Senator Bob Bennett made the following remarks after the Senate passed the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 that aims to prevent the rising number of foreclosures, reform the regulation of the housing government-sponsored enterprises (GSE) and create more affordable housing for Americans.

"My Senate colleagues and I have worked for several years crafting legislation to reform the regulation of the housing GSEs and I am pleased this bill includes a provision to establish a new, independent federal regulator to oversee these institutions," said Bennett.

The act will have to be reconciled with the House version before it is sent to the president for signature.

NASA solar system ambassador explains impact earth's tilt exerts on temperatures

Despite the current hot temperatures in Carbon County, the earth will not arrive at the longest 2008 distance from the sun until July 4.

"While it may seem odd that we're having our hottest temperatures when we're furthest from the source of the heat, there is a simple explanation," explained NASA solar system ambassador to Utah Patrick Wiggins.

The difference between furthest and closest is small with little effect on earth's temperatures.

"During this time of year, we in Utah and the rest of the northern hemisphere are tilted toward the sun, meaning the sun is higher in the sky and stays in the sky longer, making for longer, hotter days."

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