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Letter to the Editor: Energy and Carbon County's future



I have lived here all my life and have never seen such an opportunity as we have right now. Employment opportunities are abundant.

And yet we don't have enough employees who are trained or care to be trained to do the jobs. We have seen this coming for years yet only now are we moving to figure it out.

We have a great opportunity for more and more mineral money to be pumped into the county. But we don't seem to be able to figure out how to take advantage of it. All it seems like anyone wants to do on the Tavaputs gas project is fight over it.

When roads can be paved going to coal mines in a joint effort why can't roads be paved going to Nine Mile Canyon in a joint effort? Isn't the royalty money coming off gas wells the same as the mineral money off coal?

I would like to see the ancient American history in Nine Mile Canyon as much as anyone and I have seen some of it. But I find it hard to get my wheelchair to it even if I do know where it is. Why can't gas money be used to help out on this?

Won't pavement cushion the impact of the big trucks and keep the dust down? It seems that we have a large opportunity here to do some good things for the county. We should work together to get them moving instead of running in circles trying to figure out how to stop everything.

From the fairgrounds, to the convention center, to the shooting range as well as many others, what has happened to the trails system that was planned? We should move to make them work for us while we can. I fear that if we don't someone will be looking to come do it for us and the last thing we need is someone from somewhere else telling us how to spend our money or build our community.

If we don't figure out how to do it they will. We need the royalty money off Tavaputs and we need to use it wisely to secure our futures.

Please don't stand by and let this opportunity pass us by.

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