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Open burn season has ended

The open burn season in areas of Utah where it is permitted ended June 1, so from now on people will need to get burn permits for their property from the various state and local agencies in their area.

Individuals wishing to conduct open burning operations must now comply with a permit and all it's stipulations. Permits can be obtained through each counties fire warden. For statewide information on wardens call 801-538-5555.

The ban does not prohibit campfires or fires in backyard fireplaces; however caution is advised with any burning being done.

Fire danger will rapidly increase as the days get hotter and drier and fire experts have found that despite the heavy winter the vegetation in most areas is very dry.

So far this spring, several debris burns have blown out of control, escaped and have become wildfires burning both private and public land in various places in the state.

Officials anticipate that the burning season will re-open on Nov. 1, but only in municipalities and counties where it is allowed.

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