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Keep tresses stress free

Most brides don't want stress while getting well-tressed for their wedding day. Besides hiring a reputable stylist and ensuring a practice hairdo run before the wedding, here are a few helpful tips.

• Wear a button down shirt when having your hair and makeup done on your wedding day - or for any other special occasion. This way you can take off the shirt without touching your hair or makeup.

• Bring in your veil or headpiece in advance so your stylist can ensure that the haircombs attached will be in the right position for the style you've requested. If they're not, you'll have ample time to have that rectified.

• Don't apply conditioner to your hair on the day of your wedding.

• Opt for a two-piece veil if you desire a long cathedral-style veil. This way you can keep the long portion attached for pictures and the ceremony and then simply remove a portion for the reception and dancing the night away.

• If your headpiece has gemstones or crystals in the design, have the stylist cover the stones up as much as possible before locking in your style with hairspray. After the wedding, talk to a jeweler about the right way to clean the stones. Otherwise the spray can tarnish the headpiece and potentially damage the stones.

• Go with a simple style that matches your personality. You don't want to look like a completely different person on your wedding day.


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