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Marriage license 411

A marriage license may be obtained from the clerk of any county in Utah.

You do not have to get married in the county where the license was obtained, but you do have to get married in the state of Utah.

The license in good for 30 days from the date you receive it. Do not obtain your marriage license more than 30 days prior to your wedding or it will not be valid on your wedding day.The man and the woman must be 18 years or older to marry without parental consent. If they are between 16-18, they must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian, notarized by a notary public or another officer authorized to administer oaths.

Both people to be married must appear in person to apply for the marriage license. There is a $50 fee for the marriage license.

Additional information can be obtained from any county clerk. Most of the county clerks' offices are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Blood tests and physical examinations are not required.

In Carbon County go to 120 East Main St., Price. The phone number is 636-3201. Emery County, P.O. Box 629, Castle Dale. The phone numbers are 435-381-2139 or 435-381-1583.


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