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Division presents workshop for parents and children at CEU

A workshop called "Joining Together to Overcome Obstacles and Making a Difference" will be presented at the College of Eastern Utah on Sept.11.

The workshop, which is sponsored by the Division of Child and Family Services eastern division, will include a number of breakout sessions as well as some general ones that will cater to many different interests.

The workshop will begin at 10 a.m. and run through 5 p.m. that day.

General sessions include "If you can't stand up, stand out," one called "Online predators" The final general session of the day is called "Laughter is the best medicine" which is extremely entertaining and will end the conference on a positive note.

Breakout sessions during the morning agenda include "Come to your senses," the "Aftermath of methamphetamine" and "Parenting todays teens."

The afternoon breakouts will include the same sessions and that allows attendees to go to two of the three offered sessions sometime during the day.

The speaker in the "On-line Predators" session is Cindy Stonebreaker of the Utah Attorney General's Internet Against Crimes Against Children task force. She will discuss many different aspects of on-line predators, the way they operate and what to do to protect children.

The "If you can't stand up" session will be led by Mike Schlappi whose story of his own life is an inspiration to all that hear the seminar. The author of Bulletproof Principles for Personal Success is a person who inspires confidence in people to take on and overcome their own limitations.

"Laugher Is the Best Medicine" will be presented by Bob Nelson, a comic who has appeared on television shows like the Tonight Show and many others. His type of humor is a positive experience for those who go to his seminars.

The day will include a luncheon with a choice of lasagna (meat or vegetarian) or roast beef.

Registration for the workships must be completed by August 24. For information on how to register contact Kobi Marchello at 636-0209.

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