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Carbon County racer climbs the ranks

Sun Advocate community editor

Robbie Mitchell continues to blaze his way into the upper ranks of the prestigious World Off Road Championship Series by racing tough against any odds.

At Pacific Raceways in Auburn, Wash. Mitchell won the Pro Production race by 1.22.

"The weather was crazy that day," said Robbie's mother and crew member Kathy Mitchell. "There was wind, rain, snow and a few sun breaks. They call them breaks because the sun doesn't come out for long when it comes out at all there."

In the Pro Main, Mitchell was in fourth place out of the hole shot but moved up to second near the beginning of the second lap.

"The leader had a pretty big gap by the time Robbie got around the other riders," said Kathy. "But his quad broke soon after Robbie passed the others moving him into first place. He hit a tree root or stump early in the race but by the fourth lap he had over a minute lead on everyone."

Mitchell held onto the lead until he ran into lap traffic in the last half of the last lap.

"The lapper was a pro," explained Kathy. "He knows that if the leaders are coming up from behind him he should mover over and let them pass. This one wasn't letting anyone by, so Robbie went to the side of him to get around. As he was passing the rider moved over and bumped Robbie, flipping him and his quad upside down, Robbie got up and got going but the delay was enough to give series leader and reigning world champion Josh Frederick enough time to get by and take the lead."

It was a disappointing loss for Mitchell, taking second by only 15 seconds, but not without its rewards. He got his first Pro Kawasaki ATV win in the Pro Production and his first WORCS Pro Kawasaki ATV podium finish.

According to Kathy the pro that stopped Robbie's ride to victory cost him over $2,200 in winnings.

In Hollister, Calif. the 102 degree heat was a major factor as the riders go for 90 minutes in the Pro Main.

Mitchell hit a tree so hard in Pro Production that his rear shock broke in half and his frame exploded through his front bumper. He was not seriously injured and was able to make the necessary repairs to his bike.

In the Pro Main, Mitchell came out of the hole shot third, fell to fourth and then worked his way back up to second where he finished for the second straight race.

"He was only 15 seconds out of first this time as well," said Kathy.

There were 18 pros in line for the main race and the strong finishes have moved Mitchell up fast in the series.

He moved from 19th to seventh with only two points keeping him out of fifth place overall. Mitchell will continue to work on his conditioning and racing until the WORCS series picks up at the Straddeline Raceways in Olympia, Wash. this August.

He will race the ITP Quad Cross Series as well as Utah's United States Racing Association and maybe try a SuperMoto with his race team DATS racing.

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