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Local tumblers hit state

Canessa Montoya performs during her trampoline routine.

Along with several other local competitors, Pineau's tumbling squad took on the competion at Canyonview Junior High during a state competition.

During the action, Heather Elder of Helper received a perfect 10 score on the double mini trampoline and also placed first in her two other events.

Johnnie Bonacci was awarded athlete of the year honors in the level five category and three generations competed on trampoline. Pineau Nielson - second, Keisha Nielsen - first and Canessa Montoya - first.

Also placing in power tumbling, double mini and trampoline were Ellicia Ramos, Shandra Winward, Amand Clark, Jade Vea, Johnnie Bonacci, Madison, Richardson, Shelby White, Rylee Adams, Canessa Montoya, Abby Saccomanno, Bailey Cave, Reagan Harrison, Joey Ward, Katie Bayssinger, Brittney Wilson, Courtney Kulow, Shaylie Winward and Keisha Nielsen.

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