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Letter to the Editor: Suits on appeal

St. George


With the escalating cost of fuel everyone is blaming the big oil companies. Especially our out-of-touch Senators.

Let's reverse this thinking and put the full blame directly on those who created the problem; all our Senators. The fear of losing the vote of the extreme radical enviromentalists. They are who is to blame.

The environmentalists keep standing in the way of drilling for more domestic oil as well as the building of new refineries.

They stopped the drilling of oil in one of the the largest oil deposits in the United States, the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

The stopped the country from drilling in another large oil deposit beneath the Gulf of Mexico. However it seems okay for China to drill there.

The enviromentalists appeal every application to drill for oil or gas in the continental boudaries of our country.

Our senators must pass a bill whereas any person filing an appeal that has a direct negative impact on another person, that second person should have the right to file a lawsuit agains the person that filed the appeal.

This type of law would force the environmentalists to rethink the filing of their many frivolous appeals.

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