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Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on column



I have some thoughts on Tom McCourt's column "Me you and Waco II" that ran in the April 29 issue of the Sun Advocate.

During the investigation of the El Dorado, Texas FLDS ranch children it was found that 31 out of 53 girls between the ages of 13-17 either have been or are pregnant.

The authorities are doing DNA tests on these kids because every time they ask them their names, the names change. The girls do not know their ages and some do not know who their parents are.

Do the boys in that same age group become the new "lost boys?"

Listening to the news it seems like the only women "need their children back." I have yet to see any of the "fathers" on television.

When Anderson Cooper (of CNN) questions the first three women in the first row during an interview, none of them were aware of any girl married under the legal age. So how did these pregnancies happen? Immaculate conception?

I have no polygamists in my family history so I guess I take this issue as something less than personal. Maybe the reaction by Texas was too much. Maybe the actions and inaction by other states is too little.

None of us truly know enough to be able to judge.

The children are the victims here, and they are the victims of their parents and their leaders as much as anything being done by the state of Texas.

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