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Letter to the Editor: Parkway tyranny



I have walked and run on parkways across the country including Durango, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, Colo., Chicago, Ill., Portland, Ore., Salt Lake City and Boston, Mass., and I have never seen a ban on dogs utilizing these facilities.

Dog owners of Helper and Carbon County, these are desperate times and it's going to take desperate measures to overcome the tyranny that has bestowed us. Progressive communities use progressive measures to find solutions to problems. They just don't throw up their hands and order the attorney to draft a new ordinance prohibiting an activity.

I never saw the dog friendly signs along with the poop bags reminding folks to cleanup after their dogs on the Helper Parkway. I never heard of any outreach programs to try and educate dog owners of the need to pickup after their dogs. Were there any citizens committees established to try and resolve the problem? The answer to these questions is a flat "No".

The typical response in Helper appears to be the standard dictatorial practice, "Ban It". If they don't like it's tough luck!

We'll folks you can do something about it. Fight city hall and let them know you don't approve of the dog ordinance banning dogs on the parkway and parks of Helper. Let Mr. Dalpiaz and his merry band know that a lot of people including dog owners put a heck of a lot of time and effort into make the parkway what it is today. They have the right to enjoy the parkway along with their four footed companions. Get a working committee established to find solutions including dog friendly signs along with poop bags. Ask the mayor for a temporary restraining order against the ban while solutions are discussed.

If that doesn't work vote the rascals out.

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