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Community coalition helps celebrate wrestlers' strong showing

Sun Advocate community editor

The Dragerton Diggers surround their coaches after the clippers were put to a rest. The teams coaches had promised their wrestlers that if they did well at the state championships they would shave their heads into Mohawks. As the team took second place overall the coaches made good on their end and lost a little hair.

On April 18 the East Carbon and Sunnyside Community Coalition hosted a celebration for the Dragerton Diggers at the LDS church in East Carbon to commemorate their second place overall finish in the 3A class Utah State Bantam Championships.

"I could not believe how our team grew," said head coach Kyle Abeyta. "At one point we had 36 kids and that is quite a few for such a small community."

Not only did the small town come up with a lot of kids but they came up with kids who really wanted to wrestle.

"The one thing we told the parents when these kids signed up was don't let them quit," said Abeyta. "It was important for them to finish the season. This is a really tough program and the kids really came through like champions. The dedication in this room is amazing."

The wrestlers, their parents and friends were treated to a dinner and awards ceremony prior to the main event.

Following the evening niceties, the team's coaches submitted to new hairstyles as the Mohawk came back into fashion.

"We should be really proud of these kids," said Sunnyside Mayor Bruce Andrews. "The learned life lessons through wrestling this year, responsibility, determination and accountability. We couldn't be more proud of the kids and their coaches."

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