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Organizational right arms

Sun Advocate community editor

Lacey Curtis of Four Corners Community Behavioral Health has been with the organization since 2004 and says she plans to retire there.

Beginning in 1952 offices all over the United States have been giving credit where credit is due by celebrating Administrative Professional Week. The observance, which started as "National Secretaries Week," has become the single largest celebration within the workplace, according to the International Association of Administrative Professionals. The Sun Advocate selected three individuals who showcase the life, efficiency and vitality the right person can bring to any office setting.

Lacey Curtis of Four Corners Community Behavioral Health started in 2004 as a temp and was an immediate success within her job.

"I love working with people," said Curtis. "I really like helping my community and it helps that I work with really great people."

Curtis is the first face most see when they enter the community facility and according to those she works with she has a way of brightening the spirit of everyone she talks to.

"She is so dedicated to her job," said Office Supervisor Debbie Curtis. "And she has phenomenal people skills, she is just a very giving and caring person."

Curtis is also responsible for three physicians case dictation ranging over more than 450 clients. She works as the computer liaison within the office and also does all of the ordering for the office along with family and felony drug court.

"I have been working with Lacey for three years," said Dr. Jack S. Montgomery. "And she really keeps me straight. She has a great technical mind and also manages details very well. These days it is hard to find someone who can even take dictation much less understand all of the psychiatric terms used in this field but Lacey does a great job. Her work performance allows me to focus on my patients and that is an amazing asset.

When out of the office Lacey likes to hang out with her husband (Kalib Curtis) and family riding horses or just spending time outside. She also enjoys spending time with her nephew Levi, niece Bailey and her friends.

Lacey is cared for by all she works with including her supervisor Jay Jeppson.

"Lacey has both academic and practical intelligence. I have no question that she could have become a doctor or lawyer or gone into about any field she wanted," said Jeppson. "We have offered her promotions within our agency but she enjoys her co-workers and aiding our clients so much that she has chosen to stay in her secretarial position. She keeps a great balance in her life between family, recreation and work. This balance helps keep her fresh for dealing the daily rigors of this office."

Sandi Perri when not at work loves to ride her Harley-Davidson Fatboy and enjoy the sand, water and sun.

Sandi Perri of the Utah State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation began her career as an office manager right out of high school going to work for hospitals and clinics within the Provo area.

In 2000 she moved back to Carbon County where she was born and raised and started for vocational rehabilitation in 2003.

"I enjoy working and interacting with people," said Perri. "I like helping people."

Perri handles two of the largest caseloads in the district, accounting for more than 500 clients. Additionally she handles the phones and filing along with managing, coordinating and facilitating client services.

"She is so organized and efficient," said counselor Jody Anuskewic-Manzanares. "She also has a great sense of humor and helps me cover my butt when I need it."

Perri has one daughter, Nicki Kirkwood of Sprin Glen and two grandchildren, Jessica and Jake.

"I love spending time outside with my family," said Perri. "I also like water skiing at our cabin in Scofield. All I need is sun, sand and water and I am happy."

Perri also enjoys watching drag racing and riding her Harley Davidson Fatboy.

"She is really an exemplary employee," said District Director Carol Rogers. "She is very conscientious about her work and a detail oriented person. She is also great with the clients."

Perri is also cared about by everyone she works with.

"I love her," was counselor Cortney Reaveley's immediate reaction when asked about Perri.

Evelyn Allred has been married for over 26 years and has been with ECCU for three and a half years.

Last but not least, Evelyn Allred of the Eastern Utah Community Credit Union may just have the toughest job in the county.

"She has a full time job just keeping track of me," said ECCU Executive Director and County Commissioner Mike Milovich. "She handles all of my scheduling. And between meetings, dealing with the county and the business here I don't know how she does it."

Allred started at ECCU four years ago. She worked for a year and a half as a teller and then started as Milovich's administrative assistant and loan clerk.

"She is like my right hand," said Milovich. "She's a fiery one and brightens my day and lightens my load everyday."

Allred has been married to husband, Benny, for 26 years and reports that while she worked many part time jobs and volunteer positions she was basically a stay at home mom before coming to work at the credit union.

Allred has two boys who are both married; Hank and Kadie Allred, and Chet and Pacee Allred. She is also very proud of her two new grandchildren, Ryleigh Mae and Cache Philip.

Along with working for Mr. Milovich, Allred handles many of the credit union's loans.

For fun Evelyn enjoys outdoor activities with her family and she also loves to travel.

"We went to Durango, Colo. this past year and really had a great time," said Allred. "I would have to say it is one of my favorite places."

As with the prior two secretaries, Allred is popular with everyone she works with.

"She is very dependable," said supervisor Paula Jacquez. "She is a pleasure to work with and is really just a fun person. We couldn't run this place without her."

After interviewing these three individuals, Jacquez's comment rings true and shows just how valuable these women are to their organizations.

When they aren't there, people notice.

Congratulations to these three women and thank you to everyone honored during Administrative Professionals Week.

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