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Carbon County news briefs

Castle Valley Archaeological Society to host regular lectures every third Thursday

On April 17, nature photographer Francois Gohier will provide a lecture on whale watching and the Inca culture in the CEU Prehistoric Museum's Hall of Man.

Gohier grew up in the Basque Country in Southwest France where he developed an interest for nature and photography while hiking and climbing in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain.

After studying mathematics and physics he decided to travel and document the natural world and spent several years in South America. He also spent time photographing marine mammals along the coast of North and South America, Australia and Europe along with the Southwestern U.S. and South America.

Senator Bennett's annual rural business conference yields successful results in Price

Sen. Bob Bennett and the Utah Rural Development Council joined nearly 5,000 small business owners, local, state government and economic development officials in Price last month for what the senator called a "successful event."

"This year's conference attracted a record number of participants from across the state," said Bennett. "Small businesses are the heart of rural Utah and this conference provides a forum for owners and entrepreneurs to share ideas and strategies for building their companies."

Bennett also noted, "The future of local businesses depends upon their ability to use innovative ideas to launch products and services in the global marketplace.

Division of wildlife reports Price area continues to see large numbers of poaching

The Division of Wildlife Resources received reports in March, coming from gas workers in the Coal Creek area northeast of Price, detailing additional local poaching going on.

According to the DWR, two does and a buck were found shot to death near a well. The carcasses had been left to waste.

In another case, conservation officers are also seeking information about the senseless killing of a fawn deer in the Wattis area, less than 10 miles south of Price.

"This deer was shot sometime during the last week of February and was likewise left to waste," reported that statement.

The DWR reported that wanton slaughter of deer, when they are most vulnerable, contributes to the decimation of herds.

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