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Party delegates select Democratic candidates

Sun Advocate community editor

Carbon Democrats spoke to a packed house last Friday at Helper's Rio Theater as local petitioners for county commissioner sought the party's backing.

The two-year commission candidates selected by the delegates at the Carbon County Democratic Party convention were Neil Brienholt and John Jones.

Jones edged fellow Helper resident Kenji Otani by one delegate vote to claim a place in the Democratic Party's primary election ballot.

The four-year county commission candidacy was locked up by incumbent Mike Milovich, who secured 70 percent of the Carbon County Democratic Party's vote.

Milovich's bid for party support was opposed by Scofield Mayor Doug Trease.

In the statewide elections, Carbon Democrats supported Bob Springmeyer for Utah governor and state attorney general candidate Jene Welch Hill.

The candidates along with nominating speakers were given 10 minutes to convince county delegates that they would best represent Carbon County Democrats in the November general election.

Vying for the two year-seat to be vacated by Commissioner Steven Burge were Breinholt, Jones, Otani, Robert Welch,and Mikel Johnson.

Breinholt was nominated by Ellis Pierce. The nominations was seconded by Liz Kourianos and Richard Tatton.

Welch was nominated by his sister, Brianna Welch.

Otani was nominated by Tom Paluso and seconded by Tom King Jr.

Johnson was nominated by Nick Tatton.

Jones was nominated by fellow Helper Councilmember Dean Armstrong.

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