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Letter to the Editor: Mis-adventure in Iraq



Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, has calculated the cost of our country's mis-adventure in Iraq. Counting such deferred costs as interest on the war debt and long-term care for the wounded, it is costing our government $720 million per day.

It is a debt that future generations will have to pay.

According to the American Friends Service Committee analyzers, just one day of the $720 million could buy any one of the following:

•Health care could be provided to 424,000 children for a year .

•It could build 84 new schools; buy 1.2 million needy kids school lunches for a year.

•It could provide 6,482 units of affordable housing.

•It could pay the annual salaries of 12,500 new classroom teachers or put 35,000 students through a four-year college.

Any one of these could be had for just one day of funding for this misbegotten war.

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