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Robbie Mitchell celebrates a racers homecoming at fairgrounds

Sun Advocate community editor

Robbie flies high above the track with one of his other competitors during last weekends races.

After going undefeated in all 36 motos and taking the Pro Championship in the United States Racing Association series last year, Robbie Mitchell returned home last weekend to celebrate his growing success and new sponsorship deal with Kawasaki and DATS Racing.

"He also took fourth place overall in points with the other pro classes meaning that of all the pro racers in any class, he was fourth in points," said Kathy Mitchell, Robbie's mother and part of his pit crew. "That means a lot to us because there are a lot more pro bikers than pro ATV racers, giving them a lot more points.

In the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS), Mitchell finished seventh after having problems in the last race of the season.

"He was sitting in fifth," said Kathy Mitchell. "And then some engine problems forced him to start 25 minutes behind in the last race of the year. That set back moved him into seventh for the year."

According to Kathy, the WORCS series continues to get more difficult with each passing year as more and more riders come onto the circuit.

The sponsorship Mitchell received will no doubt free up the burgeoning talent both financially and in terms of time and equipment.

His sponsorship deal includes; a new practice bike, two new racing bikes that are ready for Mitchell when he arrives at the races, fuel for him and his family to travel to most races and travel accommodations for races that are too far to drive to, entry fees into all races and repairs and parts for his new bikes.

Robbie's homecoming was a big success as he won every race he entered over the weekend, even the ones that didn't start out particularly well.

"He had some trouble coming out of the gate during one of Sunday's races," said Kathy. "And he was then forced to jump a sprinkler to get back on the track. When all was said and done he found himself in last place. It was amazing to watch him come back through the field and end up winning by 15 seconds."

Mitchell will now look forward to the fourth WORCS race of the current season. He and his family will travel to Kent, Wash. on April 18-19 for the event.

"It was always his dream to have us flown to some of the races, the ones that are a really far drive," concluded Kathy. "I am so happy that some of his dreams are coming true."

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