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Letter to the Editor: Pointing fingers



Last week on the evening news broadcast from Salt Lake City, the names of those police officers who had their POST Certification revoked were broadcast from everyone to see and hear. We feel we cannot sit back and not voice our opinion regarding one of those officers.

George Zamantakis, former Helper City Police Chief was one of the officers mentioned. Why do we as a society jump so quickly to condemn those who have made a poor judgement in one situation and fail to mention the good that these people may have done?

While in office, George wrote many grants for his department, which resulted in new police cars, equipment and even the new Helper fire truck which is a sight to behold. In most of these instances, Helper did not have to contribute one dollar in matching funds.

In speaking with our fellow workers, we can relate story after story of heroic efforts performed by George while in his position as police officer. One story (out of many) dealt with kidnapped children who were caught with their mother and then returned to their father (because George suspected something was not right). From incidents at Sally Mauro Elementary when the principal would call and George would respond immediately, to the capture of some Helper bank robbers and the capture of runaway murderers who were fleeing the Vernal area.

How many of us are so god-like that we can sit and point fingers and condemn others, without considering the good thing they can be credited with? We all have something we have done in the past that I'm sure we would not have displayed across the television screen for every in the state and surrounding areas to see.

Maybe others would think differently, but the last person we know who was free from any sin was crucified on the cross.

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