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International Days event winners announced

9-12 year old division

Andy Olsen

Neema Hekmat

Jordan Losee

13-15 year old division

Chase Julian

Bryan Gazell

Jared Bracken

Skyler Namanny

16-18 year old division

Justin Blackham

Bryan Stewart

Brandon Manzanares

Open adult

Daniel Guthrie

Jake Wood

Hayden Prescott

Greg Palmer

The annual International Days events brought with them a slew of athletic festivities. Some of these happenings included a 5k run, horseshoe competition and a three-on-three basketball tournament. The results are in and the winners have been reveiled.

The basketball tournament was split into several age categories with winners from each age division. The 5k run was also divided into several different categories according to age and gender while the horseshoe event was not divided into categories, yet attracted over 30 contestants who played doubles for the right to be called champion.

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