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Made in East Carbon: Mining car caravan leaves county

Escorted by three Utah Highway Patrol cars and two pilot car a recently finished Pacific Central Steel Fabricators and Erectors product hit the road Feb. 28.

The mammoth piece of mining equipment is nothing new for the company that is known for thinking big. The Price-based company with a production facility in East Carbon turns out a variety of mining equipment and parts.

From its conveyor that had to be placed with a 300 ton crane to the 10 foot by 10 foot box truss used in the 850 foot slope at Westridge Mine Pacific molds a whole lot of steel.

One of its latest projects was this mining car which measures 72 feet by 20 feet by 14 feet. According to Harry Wilson, who oversaw the project, the car can hold 300 tons of coal oar.

He said it took six weeks to build and contains 112,000 pounds of steel. The car seen here was the second one turned out at the East Carbon processing facility.

Just watching the truck carrying the car try and pull out onto Highway 123 was a suspenseful moment, especially for anyone parked at the exit to view the departure.

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