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Letter to the Editor: Sorry state of affairs



Bush clone John McCain, Hillary Billary, or Barrack Osama as our next President?

Good grief! Some choices we've got! How much lower can our beloved America sink to than to have one of these characters as our next president? What is this country coming to?

Why anyone could do a better job of running our country than one of these people.

If McCain becomes president, we'll get more Bush pot pourri, i.e. a never ending, super expensive, unwinnable, deadly Iraq war, a worsening recession, an unsolvable immigration mess, more widespread unemployment, more nationwide home foreclosures, higher gas prices, more devalued dollars, more infringement of our basic liberties, etc.

If Hillary or Obama wins, we'll still get all of the above, only on a more liberal scale, if that's possible. How much worse can things get?

To quote former Alabama Governor, George Wallace, "There isn't 10 cents worth of difference between the Republican and the Democratic parties."

The framers of the constitution must be weeping in their graves to see the sad state of affairs our once great nation finds itself in.

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