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Using websites to promote business

A website is a billboard in cyberspace that can promote a business effectively. Here are some tips to help a business build a website that will promote its business by attracting new visitors and motivating them to return.

•Make the site lively and entertaining. Create great content that visitors will look forward to reading.

•Keep the content updated so the information provided is always correct. State the facts clearly and avoid hype, buzz words, and jargon.

•Update the look of a website so it's consistent with other marketing materials. If the promoted "business look" changes, revise the website to reflect the new look.

•Employ appropriate technology to insure that every element of the site is easy to use.

•Register the site with leading search engines.

•Notify people via e-mail about significant news developments, updates to the site, and other information that may be of interest to them. Include a link to the website in the e-mail to make it easy for them to get there quickly.

•Create a "media center" or "press room" on the site to make it easy for the press to use information from it.

•Test the site thoroughly to make sure it's easy to use, informative, quick to download, attractive, and that it reflects the mission of the company.

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