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Castle Gate Posse: Hard riding sharpshooters invade Carbon County

Sun Advocate reporter

Center: Keyhole and Fargo Kid tell tall tales to the crowd waiting to get their turn at the targets behind the outhouse.

The good folks of Castle Gate Cowboy Town scurried inside, latched their shutters and covered their ears, as Cowboy Murder'n Maude and her posse rode into town last Saturday morning.

The steely-eyed crew pulled up to the falsefront buildings erected especially for the sharpshootin' types at the North Springs Shooting Range.

Maude and the Castle Gate Posse blow into the little brightly painted range monthly to take a crack at the myriad of targets dotting the landscape.

May 16 and 17, Castle Gate Town will be overrun by nearly 100 gunslingers from all around the area to participate in the posse's annual event.

The two-day event includes a pot luck, banquet and lots of shootin'. For information visit or call Murder'n Maude at 637-8209.

The posse was founded in 1991 and affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society in 2000.

The members adopt aliases that reflect the Old West and wear costumes that fit their names. They pack only weapons true to the era they bring to life at North Springs.

The North Springs Shooting Range at 5245 South 8000 West, located off Wattis Road is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to dusk.

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