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Krompel kicks off work on mini-mall in East Price

Krompel is pictured tearing down one of the buildings on the site where he plans on constructing his new mini mall. The building above most recently housed a silk screening business.

Rick Krompel is one busy man and the shopping district along east Main is looking much better because of his efforts.

In just the past three months he has expanded CJ's Do It Center with an enlarged lumber yard, he tore down the old building next to Greenwell Inn's Convention Center and expanded the parking lot. Just this past month an artist created a large Greenwell logo on the motel building, creating an impressive setting for the facility.

Now Krompel is down the street clearing the lot that has housed Cellular One on the corner of Airport Road and East Main, just next to Wal-Mart.

Last weekend he tore down the old building on the far east of the lot and by December he is planning on opening a new mini mall at the location. The outside walls consist of special fabricated Indian pictograph panels.

The new mall will house Cellular One and Napa Auto Parts with an additional 7,000 square feet open for other tenants that he hopes to lease to soon.

Besides CJ's Do It Center and the Greenwell Inn, Krompel also owns Ricardos Restaurant along with his construction company.

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