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Pinnacle Sports opens new Creekview store

Managers and owners of the new Pinnacle Sports are pictured on their first day open in Price. From the left, Brent Martindale, assistant manager; Ed Wright, store manager; and Brent Barker and Jae Potter, owners.

The newest retail outlet in Price is Pinnacle Sports, which opened July 29 with a full line of sporting goods. The store is located at 730 West Price River Drive and is in the location of the former Gart and Sunset Sports, a sports store that opened in 1982.

Manager Ed Wright has over 30 years in sporting goods retail with nine of these years with Gart Sports in Price. He opened Sunset Sports back in the early 80's, transferred to Gart, and has spent the past 10 years at their Orem location. Brent Martindale serves as the assistant manager. Owners of the new sports store are Jae Potter, Brent Barker, Mike Smuin, and Lyle Heinz.

They have scheduled their grand opening for August 15.

According to Wright, Pinnacle Sports will have a community involvement center, which will offer fly tying, hunter safety, batting cages, and room for other sports related classes. Their phone number is 613-7529.

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