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Letter to the Editor: Protest wilderness bill

St. George


I read in several newspapers where Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) is being pushed by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to lock away nine million acres in Utah as wilderness.

Hinchey's HR 1919 proposes to designate lands as wilderness in the Great Basin, the Zion and Mohave deserts, the Grand Staircase-Escalante, the Moab LaSal canyons, the Henry Mountains, Glen Canyon, San Juan-Anasazi, the Canyonlands basin, the San Rafael Swell and the Bookcliffs as well as the Uinta Basin.

Every rural and suburban resident of Utah will look very closely at their election ballot next time at election if this bill is allowed to pass.

My suggestion is another bill, number 2020.

Be it proposed that any legislator in congress that proposes to allocate lands located within another state into wilderness said legislator proposing such legislation must also propose an equal amount of acreage from his own state be set aside as wilderness too.

I propose that the majority of our tax paying registered voters tell our congressmen serving us in Washington, D.C. to form a united cohesive group and push this bill in front of Hinchey's wilderness bill.

Write your Washington legislators protesting Hinchey's bill.

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