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Southeastern Utah fishing report

•Abajo and Blue Mountains. DWR Conservation officer Randall Scheetz reports that there is no safe ice in San Juan County.

•Cleveland Reservoir. The reservoir is frozen but has not been used by ice anglers.

•Huntington Creek. The creek is frozen, except where the current is strong. The first mile below Electric Lake dam is probably the best place to fish. From Flood and Engineer's Canyon upstream to the dam, only artificial flies may be used. The limit is two fish.

•Huntington North Reservoir. The reservoir is frozen. Anglers have been out on the ice, although the thickness and quality of ice is questionable.

•Huntington Reservoir (near the top of Huntington Canyon). The reservoir is frozen with 15 or more inches of ice. Wind and cold have reduced angler pressure.

•Joes Valley Reservoir. The reservoir has recently frozen. Most anglers are having success south of the marina on the west side, where the ice is six to eight inches.

Conservation officer Kip Draper described fishing as good. He recommends chartreuse jigs and worms.

The limit is two trout. No more than one trout may be over 22 inches. All trout 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released.

•Scofield Reservoir. The reservoir continues to offer good fishing, especially before 10 a.m. The wind whips up by noon.

Now that the reservoir has frozen, ice anglers have been drilling holes almost everywhere. Small white, chartreuse and silver jigs, tipped with bait, have performed well.

Many of the trout are eight to 10 inches, although a fair number range from 18 to 22 inches.

•Straight Canyon. For the most part, the creek is covered with ice. No recent report.

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