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Letter to the Editor: Wonderful people



The old year is now a memory and the new year is in full swing. I think we need to take time to appreciate those that have done so much to bring happiness to someones life.

In my case, I have some great people in my life: my family and friends made last year so wonderful.

I have some special young friends such as Teri and Tracey who bring sunshine into my life.

My neighbors, Scott and Janice Fausett keep my sidewalks and driveway clear of ice and snow.

Others include Celso and Kim Montoya and their son-in-law who helped me across an icy parking lot, brushing snow off my car and making sure I made it safely home.

Also to Mark, may mail carrier, for picking up my paper off of the sidewalk and putting it on my porch.

And to 13 year old Robert Blanc who picked up my garbage can and put it back in the driveway.

I know there are many others out there who deserve some praise for what they do and I pray that other people who have been recipients of such kindness let those people know how they feel about their actions.

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