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Average gasoline pump prices remain constant in county, but decline statewide

Gasoline prices have dipped slightly statewide, while the average per gallon cost remained at $3.05 at the regular self-serve pumps in Carbon County.

But according to the latest report from AAA Utah, the prices still remain significantly higher than last year.

The current average price at pumps at locations throughout Utah for regular, self-serve gasoline registers at $3.03 per gallon.

The average pump in Utah cost is 4 cents lower than last month, but 74 cents higher than a year ago.

There are currently 15 states with gasoline prices lower than Utah.

The national average price for regular self-serve is currently $3.11.

The nationwide cost is 11 cents higher than last month's report and 80 cents higher than one year ago.

The least expensive price in the nation is found in Casper, Wyo., where regular unleaded gasoline costs an average of $2.76 per gallon.

The most expensive gasoline in the lower 48 states was reported in San Francisco, Calif., where the average price was $3.56.

The highest price in the nation is in Wailuku, Hawaii, where a gallon of regular unleaded costs $3.86.

"The first quarter is traditionally a time of lower oil and gasoline prices as demand drops while the country waits out winter," said Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokesperson. "This scenario is in stark contrast to this year when the barrel price is almost double from last year and the national gasoline price is increasing."

Prices have dropped at gasoline pumps in the majority of the Intermountain States since last month, reported AAA Utah.

Idaho's price dropped 4 cents to the current average price of $3.07.

Montana's motorists enjoyed a 13 cent decrease in the price of gas. Montana's average is now $3.01.

Wyoming's price decreased 7 cents to the current average of $2.92.

Colorado's price decreased 3 cents to $2.89. Arizona's price, $2.99, is the same as last month.

Nevada's price increased 1 cent to $3.14.

California, which has the second highest price in the country, saw a 2 cent increase in their average price to $3.35.

The prices in the Utah cities surveyed by AAA Utah also fell since last month.

Prices in Moab dropped 19 cents to the current average of $3 a gallon for regular, self-serve gasoline.

Ogden's motorists experienced a 9 cent per gallon decrease. The current price in Ogden is $2.98.

Provo's average decreased 5 cents to $3 per gallon.

Salt Lake City and Vernal experienced a 4 cent drop in prices.

The average price in Salt Lake is $2.98. The average price in Vernal is $3.05 per gallon.

Logan's pump price dropped 2 cents to an average of $3.05 per gallon.

"At this time, any blip on the financial market's radar, no matter the size, seems to have an effect on the price of oil," pointed out Fairclough. "The good news is that the East Coast has welcomed warmer weather than it normally receives, which has had a major impact on home heating oil costs."

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