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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

So the holidays are over and it is time to settle back into the routines of daily life. Plays, parties and Christmas concerts give way to regular work and school days and the searching for the first signs of the coming spring.

I am glad for the kids to be back in school learning new things. You can only deal with a version of Rudolf that has the line "has a berry smelly nose, and if you ever saw it you would even call it toast," so many times before your head explodes.

The Iowa caucuses will be over by the time this is printed, but as I am writing this they are in the process as we speak. Iowans will be mostly glad they have done their bit and now will be left alone again until late summer.

I still haven't picked a candidate that I am thinking about voting for. I am following the dramas that unfold each night on the news. I read many of the political op-ed pieces that are in the newspapers each day and still I am undecided.

I think it a good thing mostly. I really won't have much say until the November elections and even then our majority Republican state will cancel out any vote I cast. The fate of our electoral votes are pretty much already cast in concrete before the big day anyway.

But still I will ponder this big decision and cast my ballot with my decision when it is time. Until then I have many other decisions to make.

Always at the top of the list-what do I make for dinner tonight? Should it be really healthy or a side that is more tasty? Do I go with a kid favorite or make something I really like but they will hide under their chairs for the dog to eat? Is there stuff in the house to make or do I have to go to the grocery store?

So I will ponder these and other weighty decisions (except when it's my husband's turn to cook) each and every night. I am lucky that most days these are the worst decisions I have to make. For some what to cook for dinner isn't even a choice. You either make what little you have in the cupboard or go without.

Those that face those choices on a regular basis are the ones in our country that really need to study the candidates and cast a vote. Yet they are some of the least likely to do just that.

I hope there will be a candidate that stands out soon that will show us that he or she can represent all of us equally. Rich and the poor all need a voice and opportunities to live the good life.

So here's to the next 11 months of political wrangling. I need to decide tonight's dinner menu.

Wait a minute. It's my husband's night to cook.

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