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Letter to the Editor: Embrace the season



In response to the letter from "Disheartened" (Sun Advocate, Dec. 25, 2007) I would like to respond.

How dare you insinuate that my son (one of the winners of the Christmas contest, by the way) does not know the "reason for the season." The question that was posed to these 7 and 8 year old children was "What does Christmas mean to me?".

I personally know several of the children who drew those beautiful pictures and I can tell you that they attend church services weekly and religious classes once per week so they are very well aware of the "reason for the season."

Unlike you and your narrow thought patterns, they are also aware that there are many reasons to celebrate during the holiday season. For example, we are friends with a Jewish family. As you are aware, they do not worship our God but have their own "reason for the season". Those differences do not endanger our friendship but instead helps us to understand others. So yes, he answered the question of "What does Christmas mean to me?" with the only the love and joy an 8 year old can.

My son believes in Santa Claus, he enjoys making gingerbread cookies with his mom and siblings, he enjoys spending time with his large extended family (some from as far away as New York City who only come home at Christmas) and he enjoys presents (what 8 year old doesn't?). He also is aware that there are many more people in our community who are much less fortunate than himself; he's always been the first of my children to ask if we can "adopt" an angel. He's concerned about elderly neighbors and people who are alone on this special day (or any other day for that matter). He's concerned about donating food and clothing to the needy. He is also concerned about the general welfare of others.

Jesus may be the reason for your season, but I am proud to be the mother of such a joyful child, one who loves to celebrate Christmas and the entire holiday season for all the reasons. He is also one who is mindful of the differences in all of those differences with the joyful abandon of a child.

May you find such joy in all of the gifts of this season.

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