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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

It's time to put up a Christmas tree in our house. Most of you know what that means; yes, furniture rearranging time.

My husband wants to know why we just can't put the tree where we did last year and I point out that the furniture is not where it was last year either.

I rearrange about every four months or so. It's a seasonal thing and it makes it easier to do a really good cleaning. There are a few tried and true ways we can have the furniture in the front room, but every so often I try and figure out an entirely new way.

Mostly I fail.

But this year my grand scheme has us moving the computer hutch and turning it a new direction. The computer hutch is big and the heaviest thing we have in the front room. We have had some computer problems this year so the thing has been pulled out from the wall and I thought I got the dust out each time before it went back.

But pulling the unit completely away from the wall was down right scary. The dust bunnies that were trapped under there made the jack rabbits up on Wood Hill look tiny. Once released from their prison of jumbled computer wire they proceeded to run a muck around the living room while I gamely pursued them with a swifter and a dust pan.

Once I decided it was acceptable to let a few run free, hoping they would love me enough to come home and be caught, I turned my attention to the wires running down the back.

What were they all for? When we first bought the computer and plugged it all in we just had about six things coming out the back of the thing. Now I couldn't even count them all. Worst of all they were tangled up more than a six year old's shoe lace.

I had to figure out what each one did and unplug it, untangle it and plug it back it without forgetting which port or hole it came out of. Luckily most things will only go back into one slot because while I was doing this my three year old granddaughter was showing me her newest dance she made up and my 100 pound dog was sticking her big head into my lap to try and climb in. She thinks shes a Toy Terrier trapped in a Labrador's body.

I finally got the hutch were it needed to be and moved the rest of the furniture into place. Then I moved the rest of the furniture into place. Then, as usual, I moved a few more pieces around the room as well.

Finally satisfied I settled on to the couch to admire what I had done. There is only one question left to answer.

Where is the Christmas tree going to go?

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