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Bells will ring once again for the Golden Rule Mission

Sun Advocate reporter

Many members of the Golden Rule Mission including the houseman will be ringing bells this year.

The mission statement at the Golden Rule Mission in Helper is simple, through the year the mission provides meals and a soft, warm place to sleep for hundreds of men, women and families, according to mission board member Bob Tanner.

Performing this service for all Carbon County residents is something that all on the mission board consider a necessity and something that is supported both by the city's council and its law enforcement agencies. However, running a non-profit mission can be an expensive endeavor and even though the Golden Rule receives some subsidy grant money it is the charity of local Castle Valley residents that keep the mission open.

Beginning Nov. 23 the annual bell ringing campaign will begin, according to Tanner.

"Our volunteers will be ringing in front of several local businesses in the local area, they are there every year and this season will be no different," said Tanner. "Your generous donations will help us provide medical care, vision and dental assistance to those who could not otherwise get it. We also do all we can to provide a workable homeless prevention program."

In a recent interview with the missions director Barbara Dougherty said that funding for the facility is largely supplied by and an annual grant and proceeds from the thrift store, which operates next door to the shelter.

It was important to Dougherty to stress the fact that the facility is not a flop house but somewhere an individual can receive assistance putting their life back together.

"The mission has strict rules for its residents," said Dougherty "No alcohol or tobacco is allowed in the mission and the doors are locked at 10 p.m. We provide residence with self-sufficiency goals and assign some longer-term residents a caseworker that can help with permanent housing."

Tanner's hope is that contributions to the bell ringers will help provide further assistance to Castle Valley's down on their luck citizens.

"We hope we can count on your support again this year," said Tanner. "And thanks again for your generosity."

Anyone who would like to volunteer for service at the mission or as a bell ringer can call 637-3442 or 650-0990.

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