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Letter to the Editor: Bus drivers and signal lights



I would like to address two subjects concerning drivers and roads in the Carbon County area.

First, I would like to comment on school bus drivers and what an asset they are to our community. They are extra special citizens of Carbon County. That have a responsibility for all of the local school kids they transport to and from school. They do many jobs, including being care takers, advisors and safety experts while transporting our children. They drive carefully and safely.

All school bus drivers should be appreciated by our community.

Secondly, I would like to note the problem with traffic lights in our area.

A recent article in the Sun Advocate stated that the Utah Department of Transportation was not going to put a traffic light at the intersection of 100 North and 100 West in Price. This is not good, because the street is busy and needs one.

UDOT should also make a check at 400 South and Carbon Avenue as well. At all hours of the day this intersection is busy because of people driving to homes and businesses and because of people coming from Emery county and the Ridge Road area.

A light at this intersection should be a priority. It is a dangerous place day and night.

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