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DWR Seeks Parties Responsible for Illegal Shooting Of Deer

The fawn and doe that were shot in the LaSal Mountains were left to waste. The DWR asks that anyone who has information call them.

Recently, a doe and fawn deer were shot and left to waste near the LaSal Pass Road on the LaSal Mountains near Moab. Conservation officers need the public's help in finding the person or persons responsible for this atrocity.

On Oct. 23 a concerned citizen contacted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources' (UDWR) poaching hotline and stated that he had found a doe and fawn deer that had been shot and left to waste.

Conservation officers investigated the area and were able to substantiate the report. Officers are looking for any information that will help solve this crime. The deer were shot either late on Oct. 22 or very early on October 23.

This kind of behavior gives hunters a bad name. The fawn was a buck, and deprives hunters from the opportunity to legally harvest this animal in one or more years. The loss of the doe removes it from the breeding population and results in the loss of future fawns that may have been produced.

Anyone who has any information regarding this or any other wildlife crime can contact the UDWR hotline at 1-800-662-DEER or the Division's southeast regional office at 435-613-3700.

Confidentiality is guaranteed, and a reward of up to $1000 may be offered.

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