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County expects to finish building in time for fair

Carbon commissioners anticipate completing phase two on the community center at the fairgrounds in time for the facility to serve as the location for the upcoming county fair events and activities.

Kent Stilson Construction is currently working on wrapping up phase two of the building project at the fairgrounds, according to county officials.

The Orangeville construction company was awarded the contract earlier in the year.

Construction project manager Mike Ori has started the process of finalizing the finishing touches on the center.

The next phase in the project will be to design and construct an exhibit hall on the north side of the present building to host large shows and events.

The building was funded by Carbon government and the county's recreation-transportation special service district.

Until phase three of the community center is designed and constructed, the building will serve as a gathering place for people and as an exhibit area for the 2002 county fair.

The building will function year around as the home of fairground user groups, a meeting venue and as an outdoor theater-bandstand, explained Carbon County officials.

The facility includes an outdoor amphitheater which will accommodate 152 people in an informal seating pattern.

According to county officials, the amphitheater can host plays, historical reenactments and music concerts as well as small dances.

The community center will accommodate more than 400 people for assembly use, explained Carbon County officials.

The roofed porch installed on three sides of the building will allow vendors at the upcoming county fair to exhibit wares.

The roofed porch on the building will also provide shade for local residents and visitors attending the activities scheduled at the fairgrounds.

The facility contains a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen designed for use by the Utah State University Extension Service and other local groups, indicated county officials.

The kitchen at the community center may also function as a serving location for lunches, snacks and full dinners.

The community center will be equipped with 30 tables and 200 chairs for meetings and banquets at the facility.

A high speed Internet system will accommodate the technical needs for occupants of the facility and vendors participating in trade shows as well as other events staged at the fairgrounds, continued county officials.

In addition, special presentations, awards and various ceremonies may be conducted on a small platform at the community center.

The building was planned with the ability to connect with the future exhibit area.

The project started with extensive excavation and a hardened backfill by the county road department to prepare the site for construction.

County forces have worked with the contractors on phase one and phase two of the project to ready the building.

The engineers have provided elevations and data to blend the new facility with the existing grades and Thelma's Park to the south

When the construction project is completed, the community center will connect to the rest of the fairgrounds across a new sidewalk.

Dave Bell, an architect with USU, is assisting the county with drafting the final landscape plans for the facility.

The final landscaping plans will emphasize water conservation while providing grassy areas for children and fairground users to enjoy

The Carbon commissioners selected the building style and the type of construction based on the best long-term value, concluded county officials.

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