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Local shooting club comes home from state championship with high marks

Iris Howell aka "Cowboy Murder'n Maude" of the Castle Gate Posse gets ready for some cowboy action shooting late last year.

The Castle Gate Posse went to the Single Action Shooting Society state level championship in Park City earlier last month. The group is making a big impression in the shooting world as they competed very well, according to team member Iris Howell. One hundred and sixty shooters competed at the large state competition.

Place, category, alias, and overall standing:

• Third place Men's 49r - Hobble Creek Marshal - third overall

• First place Gunfighter - Doc Nelson - fifth overall

• First place B Western - Texas Slick Willy - sixth overall

• First place Duelist - Cinch - 15 overall

• First place Frontier Cartridge - Fargo Kid - 35 overall

• First place Lady Gunfighter - Senorita Tira Todo - 58 overall

• Third place Classic Cowboy - Ricochet Red - 71 overall

• Third place Ladies Traditional - Hill Creek - 72 overall

• Fourth place Lady 49r - Cowboy Murder'n Maude - 94 overall

• Second place Buckaroo Boy - Karson The Kid - 97 overall

The Posse is especially proud of Karson The Kid shooting in his first major match at the age of 10," said Howell.

"This young man is the son of Doc Nelson and Tira Todo, the state champion gunfighter and lady gunfighter," commented Cowboy Murderin Maude.

The youngster is already as fast as the average mature shooter. The Castle Gate Posse welcomes new shooters young and old at the North Springs Shooting Range. Join them on the fourth Saturday of the month. Shooters meet at 9:00 a.m. in the Castle Gate Town.

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