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Letter to the Editor: Confusion can reign



When public schools instruct in sexual mechanics, void of moral social, and spiritual implications, they are teaching our children those things, which, if misused, can destroy their happiness, their characters and their lives.

God, in the Bible, condemns abominations and when they are taught as lifestyle choices, confusion can reign in a child's heart and he can be deceived into thinking that socially approved and protected behavior has no consequences and offer more than does loyalty to God.

When the school's sister institution, Planned Parenthood, is recommended, certain of our children are introduced to government funded promiscuity and human sacrifice (abortion).

In sum, the tax dollar that finances these teachings is promoting a state religion for there to be nochoice offered to parents and children, amounts to the promotion of compulsory state religion.

In addition citizens should vote for yes in the voucher referendum. As far as all the complaints about the absence of credentials in private schools there are notable parents, without teaching certificates, who have home-schooled their children into Harvard.

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