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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

Today is voting day. In our area we don't have too much to vote for in this off season election except for a few spots on local municipalities and the biggie; Proposition one.

I would go into the facts about this, but if you aren't up to speed on this school voucher issue by now you must live in a cave. I have been bombarded by fliers, postcards, phone calls and TV ads.

I had made up my mind on this issue long ago and voted early to get my opinion in, but they still kept coming.

I actually am glad we live in a state where our electoral votes for president are taken for granted. Because of this no one really saturates our airways, newspapers and mailboxes in trying to get our vote. I have been in states where the electorial vote is up for grabs right before an election and the campaigning is brutal.

The closer to the general election, the more vicious it gets. This happens with congressional seats as well. In our state we have seen a little of that, but not to the extent I have seen it elsewhere and I am glad.

Billions of dollars are raised and spent to get people elected. I can understand why Iowa and New Hampshire fight to remain the first in the nation to hold their primaries and caucuses. It is all about money. The media makes out like a bandit as the candidates and their supporters flood the markets to play their messages over and over again.

You have to wonder why many of the same corporations and big businesses who take a stand opposing government interference and control spend so much to put our government in place.

If a chunk of the campaign funds went instead to give their employees living wage salaries, hire more quality control people to inspect their products and provide health care to keep their workforce healthy and productive would we need so much government regulation?

There was a story just the other day about a CEO who spent a month or so living off the wages he paid his rank and file. He gave them all a $400 a month raise after his experience.

But I digress.

We will have the results of the election by tomorrow and know how the community felt about Prop one. Instead of this being the end of another election season, it really just marks the beginning of the election Olympics that happens every four years as we anoint a new gold medalist to run our nation.

Just like the motto from the TV show Survivor; outlast, outwit, and out play; it is the last man (or woman) standing that will rise to the top spot on the podium and claim the ultimate prize.

So sit back, buckle up and enjoy (or try and ignore) the ride, because just like the Christmas decorations that go up in Price City, it just gets started earlier and earlier every season

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