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Letter to the Editor: Liberals oppose vouchers

Castle Dale


School vouchers in Utah have attracted attention from powerful behind the scenes groups outside of Utah.

In my opinion, I believe the groups' huge financial opposition has demonstrated they know what is at stake if Utah sets a precedent for the nation.

I also believe the money opposing vouchers is coming from hard left, anti-God liberals who want no opposition to their power to set the agenda, to dictate subject matter and educational techniques, to influence impressionable young minds and mold the next generation of liberal activists.

I think the groups have turned government schools into laboratories for social engineering, downgrading basic academics and old-fashioned notions of American values and morality in favor of their fictional history-science experiment in no-morality and open opposition to God.

The behind the scenes groups will find their experiment will fail just as it has so many times in the past.

Nevertheless, the members have a death grip on these schools and they will hold on until there is no breath left.

If people see the reality that America's morals are spiraling downward, then voting for school vouchers is an easy decision.

In my opinion, the monopoly of state schools where only God-less curriculum is allowed is neither fair nor morally acceptable to those who believe in God.

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