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Red Cross provides support

The Red Cross provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

The Crandall Canyon Mine disaster from Aug. 6 through Aug. 23 brought out the kindness and love from all of our local vendors.

I would like to acknowledge these most worthy and wonderful vendors in Carbon and Emery counties. As a long time volunteer for the American Red Cross (22 years), I was able to ask for supplies we needed immediately for the families of the missing miners, mine/rescue personnel and later the drillers searching for the six miners buried underneath the Crandall Canyon Mine.

The very first day, I called R&A Market in Helper, Smith's Food and Drug, Meadow Gold Dairies, Albertson's Food and Drug, Coca Cola Company, WalMart in Price, and Hometown Market in Huntington and was loaded with supplies the same day! The days that followed, I was given access to their stores for any supplies the Red Cross needed. I cannot say "thank you" enough to these wonderful people for all the supplies they provided during these days. We were able to provide two meals a day, snacks, and drinks. The store managers took time from their jobs to help me find the supplies we needed.

The Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Disaster Team was in Emery County on the second day of this sad situation and provided two hot meals a day for the families, miners, and drillers, for the Red Cross to deliver. Most of this team was from out of state; as far away as Georgia, Alabama, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and of course Utah, and probably other places I did not find out about. Their disaster setups are amazing! They have a full kitchen with conventional, convectional, microwave ovens, all self-contained in a trailer built by a team member from Layton.Another trailer held 10 showers with instant hot water. They sure made the Red Cross team's life easier by providing the meals which we delivered and served. A huge thank you to all the Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Disaster Team! How lucky America is to have these wonderful organizations to help in times of distress.

To contact us, please call 801-373-8580.

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